Thursday, January 3, 2013

It has been a while since I have posted anything - but my months have been filled with Malifaux. Games have been coming once or twice a week, and I even got to visit the Wyrd booth at GenCon this year and participate in one of the tournaments! I'm happy to say that I came in 17/36 in my round, so I guess that means I am officially NOT the "WORST Malifaux player EVER" anymore, since I did better than half. That's good enough for me!
Sometime after April I got addicted to Kirai, and started playing her exclusively. Her playstyle just clicked for me, and to this day I have not found another master that I just instinctively get. In late August, however, I decided that I had far too many masters piling up and not being painted or played, so I began to devote myself to one master each month - playing them exclusively, and getting them at least tournament legal for painting. I actually have a schedule drawn up through the entire year and into 2014. September belonged to Perdita, October to Collodi, November to Sonnia and December to (who else?) Rasputina. I'll get some pics of the crews up eventually. Here is a pic of Sonnia who I decided to paint as Cruella DeVille (with dalmatians) and the top of Perdita's avatar.
January will be devoted to McCabe, because I want to get to playing him before he is released, as I purchased him during Wyrd's birthday sale, but was already busy with Raspy for the month. I really like the detail of the new plastics, but I am not as good at assembling the tiny pieces. I'd like to get into a bit more detail about what I learned about each master so far, but that will have to come later! :)


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