Saturday, April 6, 2013

Molly vs. Lilith vs. Lady Justice

The new rules for multi-player games have provided a lot of fun in our local gaming store, as quite often we have an odd number of players and someone gets left out.  A few weeks ago, I decided that no matter what anyone else was taking, I would be playing a Molly crew that day.  So when I ended up in a three-player game with poor Molly Girl pitted off against Lady Justice and Lilith, I felt reasonably sorry for her - especially since I knew that I was going to be the primary target of the other two players (they were husband and wife, and rather known for trying to take out the opposition first!)

But then, something amazing happened.  My dear Molly decided that she was going to kick some ass.  And for some reason, the Rogue Necromancy (who I lovingly call "Ted") refused to die.  Joy-of-joys, he even took Judge out in round one.

In the end, it was Molly with 6 VP, Lady Justice with 4, and Lilith with 0.

I count this double win for Molly as one of my crowning achievements in the game!  I rewarded her performance by actually applauding the model.  Yay!


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