Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adepticon Day #2

Day #2 - Thursday, 4/3/2014

Today was the Malifaux Cake Match!  I had a bit of difficulty finding it, but once I found out where it was, I helped usher other lost sheep toward it.  I brought some terrain for one board, but it looked pitiful next to some of the other amazing boards that were there!  A lot of people did a really nice job with their boards.  I decided that I would like to play 20 games of Malifaux during adepticon.  Because I am "running the gauntlet" and entering all events, it shouldn't be too difficult.  During the cake match I got in my first four games.

My first game was against Antonio of TTB.  He took McMourning and I brought Misaki as ten thunders in an attempt to play a master from every different faction for the achievement league since I will mostly be playing outcasts and arcanists for the rest of the tournaments.  I ended up winning without scoring any schemes, but just on points from strategy.  2 to 1.

Everyone who was registered ended up getting an adepticon 2014 fate deck sponsored by Malifools.  I was one of the artists on the deck, doing the tome suit drawings and the red joker, as well as the tome itself... which I was sad to see looked not as good shrunk down.  My original tome had celtic knotwork all over it.  I have heard that there are complaints about my Myrandra drawing, that it is too sexualized.  But I also did hear someone exclaim "Woah, she is hot!" so I guess I have mixed reviews.  BOOBIEZ!!!

My second game was against Mike from the Malifools podcast.  He was using the TTB fate deck, so I decided to use the new Malifools fate deck.  He brought a very nice Collodi crew, and I continued my misfit masters games by playing guild and bringing Lady Justice.  I haven't seen 2E Collodi yet, or played a game against him, so it was a new experience... and a terrifying one!  Thankfully Mike is a fun opponent to play, because otherwise the game would have been miserable... I got my face beaten in soundly in what ended as a 10 vs 0 VP victory for Malifools.  During the middle of our game, the Malifools team won first prize for their awesome pig bomb cake!  There were many yummy cakes there, and my favorite was a Teddy cake, complete with gnarly looking clear sugar candy claws and teeth.

My third game was against someone that I played at gen con last year, the fellow who actually won the avatar tournament!  I decided to try out gremlins against his pandora crew (I haven't even looked at the gremlin cards before today, or played a game against them!) and again I got decimated, 10 to 0.  His crew consisted of Pandora, Candy, Kade and a Doppleganger... a very unique crew using no sorrows.  It was nicely effective against my poor, poor gremlins.  Ophelia spent most of the time being paralyzed.  At least Pere Ravage took both him and Pandora out in a blaze of green fiery glory.

My last game was a tiny 15 SS game against my husband.  I took Candy, Kade and a beckoner against Francois, Raphael and a piglet.  I did a bit better this time, but still lost, 5 to 2.  At least I got some achievement list goals checked off, including ending the game with four cards worth 2 or lower.

I ended up getting a lot of the weird achievements done today... discarding the red joker during the draw phase, playing a round after turn 1 with my hand visible, playing a round after turn 2 with my hand face down, going a whole game without using soulstones, going a round without cheating, and many more.

Tonight we finished up with some crazy stuffed pizza... the barbecue chicken was the best!  Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the vendor hall after it was set up, and I don't believe that we will tomorrow.  I fell asleep early, absolutely exhausted.


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