Friday, January 23, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over!

It occurs to be that I haven't done much with this blog for a while.  I always have the best intentions of writing in it, but time passes and then what I was going to write about no longer seems relevent.

Since my last post, my life has been absolutely filled to the brim with Malifaux.  Since Adepticon I have attended Gen Con, where I had the joy of working at the Wyrd exibit booth for three shifts.  I have to say that it was an absolute joy to be able to share my love for this game with people that were passing by.  Strangely, quite a few people recognized my voice from the Through the Breach podcast.  One person told me "I know you... you're internet famous!"  I don't know about that, but it certainly was a kick to hear!

Working at the gen con booth is an experience like no other.  There is something magical in the buzz of the crowd, and there is delight in being able to speak to hordes of MY PEOPLE and just share excitement with them.  And it wasn't just experienced Malifaux players that would stop by, but just miniatures enthusiasts who loved the look of what we had, or simply people that were curious about our giant whiskey golem statue.

I am extremely excited to attend gen con again this year and volunteer my time.  This time I hope to help promote the RPG (Through the Breach) because I now have quite a bit of experience playing it, and I find it absolutely phenomenal!  If you haven't tried it... check it out!

I will also be attending Adepticon again this year.  I loved the smaller venue and that it was more specifically focused on gaming.  I already have the time off from work!  The Malifaux events there were a blast, and I can't wait to participate again!  Last year my husband managed to win the masters tournament, and he is feeling quite a bit of need to attempt to place well again.

This year there will be an official national championship Malifaux tournament at the Nova open.  Unfortunately, this is falling over the same weekend that my brother in law is getting married so even if I (ha ha) or Nick (more likely) qualifies for the tournament, we will not be able to attend.  Ah, well!

I participated in The Wyrd Place's vassal league this year, and failed horribly but had a lot of fun, and got a lot of experience using Vassal to play the game.  For anyone who has difficulty finding opponents in their local area, I would highly reccomend it!  It has a steep learning curve, but once you figure out the commands the games flow quite well and are easy to follow.

I have been hosting an event in my gaming store called Pizzafaux once a month for at least half a year.  I give away free pizza, do demos, and anyone that plays Malifaux, buys it, or does a demo gets pizza.  I'm not certain that it has actually attracted very many people, but it is fun to have a pizza night once in a while.  I'm going to report this attempt to draw local players to the game as unsuccessful (and expensive) but fun!

Tuesdays and Saturdays are Malifaux playing days, and Saturday evenings are now dedicated to Through the Breach RPG run by my husband.  We have seven players, so things are quite hectic, but the games are magical.  I'll discuss them more later!

I have been reliably holding a Malifaux tournament every other month and inviting the Omaha players down for that.  The next tournament, "Fight Night" is the last Saturday of this month.  I've been ranking my tournaments over at ... I invite everyone to do this as well!  Its fun to see your names up on the board, and the site is brilliant!

I'm doing a demo in Grand Island Nebraska for the Grand Island Gaming Guild on 2/7, and excited to be able to try and bring the game to the good people of GI.

And that pretty much catches you up on my Malifaux happenings.  My Malifaux cup runneth over!

I'll be back later to talk about my pretty plastics, and all about how I have fallen in love with the game over and over again.


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